Year: 2020

  1. Firewalls
  2. Palo Alto
This article will present steps to configure IPSec tunnel between two Palo alto firewalls We have two type networks on Internet, type 1. Public and type 2. Private. Public networks can be routed point-to-point or location-to-location over the globe but Private networks can not be routed same way as public, that’s reason they are called […]
  1. Firewalls
To avoid vulnerability in network security configuring firewall is critical, following best practices will enforce firewalls. Device Access Networks and Hosts definition Access Control list System Update’s Device Access: First step security for an asset hardware is access. Securing access to ASA is a basic standard configuration parameter. This can be achieved through adding users […]
  1. Code
  2. Firewalls
  3. Python
Moving multiple files into single Microsoft excel workbook, to perform auditing in conventional method. Auditing network devices configuration is tough if nodes count is in large number. Sometimes because of standard procedures we have to follow conventional method to audit configurations of network devices including routers, switches and firewalls. Out of which we use spreadsheets […]


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