How to secure your i-Phone!

Blocking unwanted access to applications on mobile features.
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This Article is all about how to secure your i-Phone with specific access to applications with data you trust. As an independent person we have to own and strength our know security through any means and at any cost.

Trust No One, Trust the One!


Things to secure Your Phone

  • GPS tracking
  • Application access
  • Unknown Calls

GPS Tracking:

The most important and critical security issue is exposing our location to all, even they don’t have to know we are. In i-Phone there are many applications that keep on tracking our location, we never know what is happening to that data. Some application companies provide the information what they with data and some don’t, here comes the point!, now its our job to provide them our location or not. My best suggestion would be to only allow applications to use our location with they need it not all the time. the consequence of providing all time gps location access to app’s is they know our day to day movements exactly. On i-Phone we can restrict success access. below will be the steps.


Open Settings on your phone.


Search for ” Privacy ” in search bar, results related to it popup below. Select ” Privacy ” and open it.

  • Inside Privacy option, select ” Location Services ” option.

After you select ” Location Services ” and go inside it, You should see list apps that are using this service. Select any app and open it, You should be given three options Never, Ask Next Time, While Using the app and Always. Depending on your preference select either “Never” or “While Using the App“. some apps may only have three options excluding “Never”.

Application Access:

Second most important security in your phone is access to Apps. This access leads collect your personal information such as photos, contacts, accessing camera, listening your conversations through microphone. Best example would be Adds, you get Adds on your phone based sometimes based on the conversation you had with your friends or a hacker listening to you through an app which is exposed to vulnerability. So, the best way would be restrict access to those built in mobile applications such as camera, microphone, contacts and photos.

Follow Step-1 from GPS and once your in ” Privacy ” select photos app and you should see list of apps that have access to Photos either “read and write” or “Never”.

  • If you think an app doesn’t need access to photos, just select the app and tick on “Never” option.

Unknown Calls:

You may be tricked to do some dangerous things when you answer and unknown call this is what most of the time happens, example TAX filling calls or advertising calls. To be safe from them, I don’t say we have a solution for not getting them, because no one can predict on which number they call you but all I can suggest you with a simple trick to find if it is a dangerous call.

TRICK -When you get an unknown number call, answer the call but do not talk to them or make a sound, wait till some talks to you after fews seconds the call gets disconnected. because a machine calls you and talk, if you answer it feeds you number and you keep getting such calls. If some really wants to talk to you, they talk first or when they will call back again :).